Not a particularly exciting post title but a post title it is. Totally zonked this past week. Pregnancy is catching up on me!

I got through the first 12 weeks with quite the spring in my step. Last week was my 14th to 15th week, tiredness kicked in. Sort of funny that I was expecting a sudden surge of energy having read on Baby Centre... 'You're probably feeling brighter and livelier than in the first three months, and have put the early symptoms of pregnancy firmly behind you'. This wasn't to be the case for me and with tiredness came a lack of patience, a lack of motivation, a lack of ooomph!

It turned out to be a funny sort of week. We had a few of cancelled playdates with little buddies having colds and ear infections so we found ourselves at home most days last week. We had a lot of snow so didn't venture far. No further than the garden... oh, there was a trip to our local Ikea for a Swedish lunch. Loosely translated, a lazy lunch! Apart from our winter wonderland garden fun {which was delightful!} and some feasting with the Swedes, it was a bit of a flop. I felt like a bit of a flop. A bit lacking in my mummy duties, in household duties... my brain. Ooof, don't get me started on my brain. Totally letting me down. Embarrassingly so. Mixing up my days. If I don't write things down, I'm stuffed. Even when I do, it doesn't guarantee I'll get it right. Seriously. Useless!

Anyway, I digress. More sleep required. More water required. Sleep and water. Simple.

As with my first two pregnancies, I have been so fortunate to escape the perils of morning sickness. There were a couple of evenings when I felt a little below average but was able to sleep it off. My heart truly goes out to women who suffer with pregnancy sickness. I would fail at being a human being if I felt nauseous all day every day so I am so thankful to the heavens above me that I have escaped it.

Aware of my tiredness and my lack of brain power, I am coaxing myself to make each day count. I love these precious days with Joseph and Carys and don't want to lose any moments in a wave of exhaustion or self pity. I can't want to allow this pregnancy to stop my tots having me be me.

With that thought, I'm going to fulfil the more sleep required promise!

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