Happy Anniversary To Us! Um, for yesterday.

Four very lovely, very busy years. I tell ya, we two do not hang about. The grass will not grow under our tootsies, that is for certain. In our four years of marraige, we've upped sticks to Switzerland {via a wee little island called Guernsey}, have had two delightful wee Trott Tots with another on the way.

We got engaged in April and married in December so had eight months to get a wedding pulled together. Easily doable. Neither of us wanted a big traditional white wedding but we did want our families there. Let me tell you, planning a wedding is a tricky business... one thing leads to another and BOOM, before you know it, you are on the road to that big traditional white wedding. We pulled the reigns in on lots of aspects and finished up with a reasonably simple day. Bigger than my original ideas, but simple, laid back and one helluva good day!

So here are a couple of pictures from the celebrations. We didn't have an official photographer. With hindsight that is my only regret. I see friends wedding pictures or pictures on pinterest of all the finer details of weddings and wish I had some of those of my own. I also haven't had any of the pictures edited or {dare I admit it} printed. Not one. We don't even have an album together. This is on my New Years Resolution List.

Just married. Alex has that 'what have I done' worried look about him!
It was December. It was freezing. With all the hype and excitement of the day, we didn't notice!

 This is a favourite... look at his face. Love that man!

Four years later, we are less fresh faced, Alex has much less hair and I have a higher BMI!


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