Joseph and Carys have shared a room since forever. It has always worked really well for them but since Darcy's arrival, I've been dreaming and scheming a pretty vintage style girls bedroom for Carys and Darcy to share. The move to our new house is on the horizon so I'm preparing Joseph with the notion of a room of his own. He doesn't seem terribly keen about the idea. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of bed hopping. 

I have started pulling some ideas together for Joseph's room. I'm not even sure which room he will have. At this stage we don't even know how many bedrooms we're going to have. We are hoping to extend a three bedroom semi to five bedrooms. There are lots of if's, but's and maybes around that though.

Anyways. My starting point is this handsome chap. Isn't he great!? He's from Graham & Green who call him call him Elle but he seems more like a he to me. 

Elle Elephant {Felt Animal Head from Graham & Green}

Pinterest strikes again... blogger Everything Emily created this amazing wall and I reckon our elephant friend would look amazing up here. 

Image from Everything Emily... click here for the how to on this look.

People, people... it's WASHI TAPE! 

>>> Look at that >>> 


So that plus that... equals a pretty great start. I'm going to need to take an uncomfortable step back and let him be a part of the making of this room if the 'going it alone' plan is to work out. Let's not get carried away though. If he gets full control, it will look like a Disney and CBeebies vomit contest. Its just not going to happen. End of.

Joseph loves looking through pictures on my phone, Instagram or Facebook so his room needs to be filled with his 'most favourites'... who'll make the cut!? He'll love helping out with this project. 

Can't wait to get started.