Jolly's to Eastbourne are a regular occurrence for us. Luckily we have family down there with this scene less than a 10 minute walk from their house. I love it. The children love playing with their cousins and I love spending time with my sister-in-law. Alex and Tim are just happy when we're happy so life is good! 

Moody Skies in Eastbourne

Last week Kate and I decided that we'd brave half term together so with six children aged 6, 4, 3, 2, 10 months and 8 months, we nailed it! We played those kids like an orchestra and were a step ahead of them every step of the way. Well, sort of. Nothing like a bit of bribery to get ahead of the little people. 

We stayed home, just let the children just enjoy being together. We ran errands in town, we got soaked in a rain shower, we had hot chocolates and sticky buns, we negotiated who got the pirate plate (seriously kids plus plates and cutlery choices... disaster!) we went to soft play, we survived it. 


Need a giggle?