It is a pleasure to welcome you here to my little corner of the internetwebs. 

My name is Deborah and that's me just down there with my tribe. I grew up in suburban Belfast and moved to London as a twenty-something dreamer for the love of love. His name is Alex. After some London adventures we jumped ship and spent four years in Switzerland. Add three children to the mix and back to Blighty we flew. 
Settling in Kent, I have earned my stripes as house hunter extraordinaire, house renovator extraordinaire and school mum run extraordinaire... the school run is my kryptonite. 

I spend my days in full service to Joseph, Carys and Darcy while keeping house, working for with Alex {Citrus Accountancy} and managing my online shopfront 
lilyandmitch. So, pretty quiet really. 

Lily and Mitch is a girls dream come to true. My own shop of gorgeous little felt balls! I am in love with them... complete visual happiness! Right now, I am sourcing new products and opportunities to host guest sellers. 

My online identity @lilyandmitch was named after my grandparents, my n
annie and grandad, Lily and Wesley Mitchell. It started as a username for the blog and social media platforms and it seemed right to keep using it for the shop. As grandparents they set the bar high, epitomising everything that grandparents should be. I adored them and I love keeping them close through my online self. 

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