I am so ready for Christmas, I'm worrying myself. I cannot possibly be this organised, this cool and this ready to rock. Can I?

My brother, Jonathan and his delicious missus, Jaime, are arriving on Christmas Eve . With them they will bring their three children, three suitcases filled with toys and one suitcase with clothes. Clothes and a ham. Yes, a ham.

So Christmas Eve is Monday, today is Thursday. I have three days left to prepare for their arrival and I'm at a loss.

What to do? Presents. Bought, wrapped and waiting patiently to be opened and enjoyed.

What to do? Cook. I have a prepped a little. As much as I can. I made a pretty amazingly fabulicious potato and leek soup that I found the BBC Good Food website. That will be our Christmas Day starter. It just needs to be deforsted and have cream added before serving. Seriously good recipe for you to check out. My little 4 drawer freezer can't really hold a weeks worth of prepped meals so I can't really cook ahead. Besides, it's fun to cook together and Jaime is a helluva lot better in the kitchen than me. So, that brings me back to my dilemma.

What to do? Clean. I have two children under three. What's the point of cleaning!? Of course, I clean. Goodness, I clean all the live long day. Before the troops arrive, I will do the manic extra special 'we're having people coming to stay' clean. That job will keep until Sunday afternoon, giving sticky fingers {times two} less time and opportunity to undo my efforts. We live in a three bedroom apartment, cleaning isn't much of a task. So the question remains...

What to do? Bake. Waiting. Better to wait. Isn't it? I'll make Mars Bar Krispies for the kids {for me} tomorrow. They wont last long anyway! My sister-in-law Kate sent me fool proof step by step instructions after I had too many failed attempts at what should be, and is, a really easy treat to make. Turns out my patience was letting me down. Story of my life! I'll take a few pictures tomorrow and talk you through Kate's Krispie's recipe... probably pretty pointless as I'm fairly certain I'm the only person on the planet that struggles to make them! Back to the moment.

What to do? Get the groceries in? I've got all I can. I braved the supermarket this morning with Joseph and Carys and with the assistance of two pain au chocolat, we had a successful shopping adventure. One of us, as in Alex or I, can go pick up the pre-ordered turkey {actually, we just ordered a huge turkey breast with the wing and the skin still on for flavour} and last of the fresh veggies on Saturday. That's it. We don't need to shop like it's the end of time. Shops open again on Boxing Day.

What to do? Put my feet up? Well, I am 'with child' and have been feeling oh so tired as my last moany minnie post told you. So yes, I shall put my feet up and catch up on my TV recordings which at the moment consist of Jamie's Family Christmas, Christmas with Gordon, Kirstie's Home For Christmas and Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas. All informative, all a bit silly and all while flicking through cookery books, writing blog posts and checking pinterest. The TV, the books, the t'interweb... all keeping me excited about the festive season and reminding me that this is our Christmas. It is what we make it. I have a feeling that this is going to be a good one.

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mamaktbug said...

i run into the same problem...but then i'm going like crazy the day of...super stressed! ugh.