Snow is all around us. The village looks beautiful with its Christmas tree and festive lights. Really Gorgeous. Our lovely garden looks so dreamy, a real Winter Wonderland. My very favourite way to enjoy the snow is from indoors. Yes, in the warmth, gazing out of the window. Feeling incredibly blessed with my lot in life today. This view. Yes, this one.  

So, Joseph and I ventured out to the garden today. We had a lot of fun out there. I surprised myself with that what with me being an indoors kinda gal. Getting myself and my two year old dressed to brave the elements wasn't top of my to do list today. I'd hoped he'd want to build Duplo, read stories or dare I say even watch CBeebies while Carys had her nap. Yesterday when I took them both outdoors, they couldn't get back in fast enough! So this morning when a little voice announced 'I want go outside in my snow boots 'gain' I put on the best happy voice I could muster and said 'oh that's a great idea... shall we build a snowman?' Yes, he did. So, we got bundled up and out we went.

And look what happened... we built a rather dashing snowman.

His name is Trevor.

So proud!

Joseph and Trevor

Thankfully the snow continued to fall and Trevor looks like he's had a good three course dinner... all plumped up and looking much smoother. I think a nice hat would set him off. 

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