You know what? It's a big responsibility. A snowman, that is. You create this snow friend, an addition to your garden, you and your family admire it/him/her from the warmth of your home. You sit indoors looking out at your creation. You smile at how handsome your friend is but then you wonder... you think of The Snowman. Wondering. Then comes the guilt. Yes, guilt. I mean, I'm looking out at our friend Trevor. His eyes have fallen out. He's a blind snowman, all cold with a carrot for a nose {no eyes, no hat, no mouth} and wondering Did we do the right thing in making you Trevor? You're going to live out there, looking in at us, us looking out at you and then what? You'll melt. Melt! 

Alex did point out that the best place for him is in his natural habitat. Yes, I can see that this is true.

Trevor could do with a companion to be cold and miserable with. You know the old saying 'an only snowman is a lonely snowman'.No? Me neither. 


mamaktbug said...

i must admit, this made me giggle just a bit. ;o)

Deborah Trott said...

I can be a bit ridiculous. Trevor is out of his misery... I'll be honest, I felt a deep sense of relief to see his suffering end. ;)