Well, he showed me. Tree success. He listened. He heard my words. He found us the very most utterly perfect tree. Cheers of delight bounced around the walls our apartment as we unleashed those branches from their netting. Cheers, I tell you. Cheers of surprise. Cheers of excitement. Cheers of Christmas Joy. Oh Christmas Joy!

Decorating the very most utterly perfect tree was a pleasure and a delight. It would have been a greater pleasure and a greater delight had I not had to string 110 gold baubles before I could get started but Mr 'Very Most Utterly Perfect Tree' finder man stepped forward and lent a hand on that task too.


So yes, 110 baubles {plus a load more we already in our 'bank of stuff'} and lots of lights {although I would like some more lights. Alex thinks not but I'll sneak them in} and a 'that'll do' gold star topper later and we have a festive delight in the corner of our living room.

Joseph and Carys love it. After the initial excitement, they seem to have got the idea that touching it is not an option. We've had a few test runs with toes reaching to touch a bauble ever so slowly with eyes looking every which way to see if they're in the clear. Even teddy had a go but he got a firm telling off 'No, teddy! You mustn't touch the Christmas Tree. You must be a good boy, just like Joseph. Joseph doesn't touch mummy's baubles.' At that, Joseph puffs his chest out with pride at being a 'good boy' and drops naughty teddy like a hot spud! Carys has lost interest after several 'don't touch mummy's bubbles Cawus' from her big brother. She just likes to see her reflection in the shiny 'bubbles'.

Here's the sideboard complete with our glittery gold reindeers Dasher and Dancer from Graham & Green a couple of years ago.

Aren't they handsome little fellows!?

Upon what shall I serve my afternoon tea now?
Sideboard complete with fairy lit garland.
Oh! Almost forgot about this little chap!
I got the idea on pinterest {of course!} and reworked it with what I had in my craft box. I used a canvas {painted cream} and gold pin fasteners. I just free hand copied the outline of the image on pinterest and got pinning{!} with the fasteners. Antlers are a little wonky but hey, who's perfect huh?!

Only afterwards did I check out the pinterest link which sent me to Just Daisy Dreaming blogspot where she has an excellent tutorial on this chap... meet 'Glitter Reindeer' my inspiration!
Well look at me, third post and counting...

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