Anybody watching The Bletchley Circle? Another wonderful, wonderful ITV drama and oh those girls... these girls, in fact. I'm no critic so I shan't pretend to be but, if you love a good TV drama, check it out on ITV Player.

Series One had just three episodes so we aren't looking at a big commitment to get on board with the girls! In a very {weak} nutshell... Bletchley Park WWII codebreakers reunite several years after the war when a series of murders show a pattern that the police have not recognised. Susan, now quite the bored housewife, took interest an in the case, saving newspaper clippings and putting the data together. Ignored by the police after presenting her findings, she gathered the girls and they got to work . 

The first of four episodes of Series Two started last Monday and will play out over the month of January 2014. This time, Jean is the driving force rallying the #ladynerds together when a former Bletchley colleague is awaiting trial for murder. 

Lucy :: Susan :: Jean :: Millie
Lucy, Susan, Jean and Millie portrayed by Sophie Rundle, Anna Maxwell Martin, Julie Graham and Rachael Stirling respectively. 

Do yourself a favour and catch up here!

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