Tidying up Lily & Mitch and visited my FAMILY section... wanted to savour it in a post before I update. Oh my, how things change. Obviously written before Darcy was born so we're talking at least seven months ago... Joseph is now far from 'chilled out' and Carys is far from a 'dream'! T3 is here in the form of our very gorgeous girl Darcy and I have since lost myself all over again and currently scramble to pull together the pieces of me. I will, I know that I will but good gracious, its a hard process. 

I threw in a few pictures for good measure down there at the bottom... should you make it that far.

fam·i·ly  {/' fam(ə)lē/}
Noun :: A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
Synonyms :: noun. kin - house - household - stock - clan - race - tribe :: adjective. domestic - homely - home -familiar

To me, family is all that matters. It's where most of our days start and end and for me, the past three years my family have been the content of my days too. My nine to five and all the hours around. The baby and toddler years are passing me by so incredibly fast, I'm savouring every moment.

Alex :: Oh, that man! When Alex and I first got together and my friends were doing what girls do, asking me the standard 50 questions in one breath, it was then I realised that this one was different. I didn't have the answers. I didn't feel the need to big him up. He was Alex. For me, all I needed was for him to be Alex. He is still that Alex.

Joseph :: My boy. He has been an easy child since day one. Sure he has the odd 'moment' but on the whole, he is totally chilled out. A really happy and contented little boy. I know because he tells me. In the middle of a game, colouring, watching TV, whatever... he'll look at me with the declaration 'mummy, I'm a happy boy' and it gets me every time. Love it. So my baby {'I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy'} will be three in January. He gets funnier every day. He repeats everything we say. Not in that annoying way a seven year old does... but later, even days after we've said something I'll hear him playing with his HappyLand people and I can hear how he makes conversations between them. It will be exactly something Alex or I have said. And the voices. Oh, the voices! He calls to Carys 'c'mon sweetheart, keep up' exactly as I do when we're out walking. Precious.

Carys :: Carys is a dream. I thought Joseph was easy but this little girl trumped him in the easy baby competition. From the day she was born, she made sense of everything. Life got easier. I don't know how that is possible and I can't explain it but that's how it was. I hadn't realised that I had lost myself in motherhood until she was born. I found myself again without even knowing I had been gone. Saying all that, she's a force to be reckoned with. Carys is similar to Joseph in a lot of ways, calm, content, happy to go with the flow but there is a spark in her that will, without warning, cause utter chaos.

T3 :: Oh, who are you in there? This little mover certainly doesn't let me forget they're in there. I can't wait to have him or her in my arms. We've agreed on names and I'm so excited to know which one will be added to our family.

And now... 

A fairly standard morning scene
Darcy and Sophie la Giraffe

Wearing hangers... as one does.

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