Yesterday was a big day at Chez Trott. A certain little boy was very aware that there was a special day coming up with his name all over it. He relished in the birthday kisses . He soaked up the 'happy birthday' wishes bestowed upon him. He was excited about the presents. We had a small stash tucked behind the sofa. He went for the smallest first, surprisingly! A lovely book from his cousins. He flicked the pages and then remembered there was more. Off he went, back behind the sofa, emerging with a box wrapped in yellow paper from my parents. Not just any box. Inside this box, Joseph was about to find a new friend. 'It's Woody mummy' in that little voice of coy excitement. A nervous giggle usually follows that little voice. 'Thank you nana'npapa' chimed all morning as Woody and Joseph made each others acquaintane. Precious. Presh-us! It has been about 36hours... they are inseperable. I think it's love.  

He had gone in size order saving the biggest for last. Smarty pants. No fooling this boy. He saw past my wrapping straight away.

'It's a bike'
'Is it?!'
'Yeeeaaas' {still clutching Woody}
'Shall we unwrap it?'
'Yeeeaaas' {still clutching Woody}

Commence unwrapping. This was the moment. Alex and I bought this present way back in September. It's a Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike. Very cool. Keeping up with our love of the homeland it's the one with Union Jack detailing. I've been so excited to see Joseph's face light up when he saw it.  This didn't really go according to plan. He was slightly impressed. He even went to fetch his bicycle helmet {also Kiddimoto}. He flung his leg over the frame and looked quite the part. For a few seconds. Wriggling to get his position, his little legs just weren't quite long enough to sit on the seat and balance. There was a wobble. There was a crash. There was a declaration of 'oh, it's not very good!'

Back to Woody.

Still. There's time. It's winter. It's not like he'll be biking in winter. Come the spring and summer, he'll be all over it. He'll master it. Wont he!?

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mamaktbug said...

if he won't, carys certainly will! ;o)