2 0 1 3... SERIOUSLY?

So for me this is really quite impossible. I lived through each New Year of the naughties saying 'I'm still mourning the nineties!' And here in 2 0 1 3, I still am! I miss the old 1 9 w h a t e v e r s. Two thousand and blah doesn't roll off the toungue with any great style. Not for anyone. No, not even you. Say 'Christmas ninety four' then say 'Christmas two thousand and four'. See? Do you even care? Am I on my own in this head battle? Have I lost you? Stick with me here...

It got better once we hit 2 0 1 0 :: twenty ten :: Twenty10. However your write it, it sounds better to say. Right? And now here we are at two thousand and thriteen :: 2 0 1 3 :: 20thirteen. We are here. And here, in this moment I have decided it is time to let go of the 1 9 whatevers. Not the memories. Not at all {although some can feel free to fade into oblivion if they do so desire!} no, I need to let go of my irritation at the mouthful of words that the year 2 0 0 0 has brought to us. I need to get over it. There are plenty bigger things in life that irritate me. Plenty! So, life resolution... get over the loss of the nineties and the 1 9 whatevers. They are gone. Thirteen years gone. Over it.

Yes, lets.

By the by... Christmas was an EPIC and generally fabulous delight with Jonny, Jaime and their littles. So good.

New Years was not so epic. Glands-a-swollen, ears-a-hurtin' and general feelings of pity for myself and my troops as we all suffered in some shape or form. Gah. The effects are still lingering but onwards we go... 2 0 1 3, let's do this.

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