Wee Willy Winky IS real and if ANYONE tells my kids otherwise, I will hunt them down and smack their bottoms with my slipper - just like Willy Winky does to naughty children. Okay?!

It has been 22 days since I posted this Facebook update. That is 22 days since Willy Winky came knocking on our front door and I had to send him away and promise him my children would be good... 22 gloriously peaceful evenings. 

Yes, it might be a bit wicked but Willy Winky has saved me from evenings full eye rolling, deep exasperated sighs and endlessly wracking my brain coming up with threats and bribes to keep my children in their damn beds. My sanity is almost restored to its previous levels (not great to begin) and to top it all, I am the proud owner of three happy children who are firing on all cylinders after a full nights sleep. It's a win, win. 

Y'know what its like when children are faffing about avoiding sleep. 

They can't get to sleep until you are in bed. 
They need water. 
They need more water. 
Oh no mummy, they've spilled their water. 
They don't think they brushed their teeth for long enough. 
They need a poo. 
They forgot to wee while trying for the poo that didn't happen. 
Their duvet isn't straight. 

Not no more. Not a peep. They go to bed. Actually, they rush to bed because y'know WILLY WINKY.  Don't worry though, he only comes knocking if he hears that children are being naughty. He can be quite good humour if you've been well behaved. Oh, another thing. Winky is a very good friend of The Angry Pixie (y'know the one who lives in the Magic Faraway Tree a few branches below Moonface) and that little pixie, well he gets everywhere. He keeps an eye on children during the day while Winky is asleep.


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