Motherhood right now is SUMMER HOLIDAYS. I am crazy in love with all school holidays but the summer has my heart... six weeks. Six weeks without the sodding school run. The school run is, by far, my least favourite parenting chore of all the gazillion parenting chores. It is my kryptonite. Best I stop talking about it... I'm too busy enjoying not doing it to even start thinking about it. Back to all the heart eyes for the summer holidays. We're all loving it. Lazy mornings, late breakfasts, just doing whatever takes our fancy.

This summer has brought a massive shift in where I'm at inside this head of mine. Making plans is my favourite thing to do so that's what I'm doing. Now the offspring are fully functioning, walking, talking actual real beings, I can see beyond the end of each week. I've got three small humans unlocking seat belts, getting in and out of cars completely unassisted. This is cause for celebration indeed. These are the moments I've been waiting for. I should really decorate the car to aid the celebration parties I have in my head. Lets get those parties unlocked for everyone to enjoy! The best bit is, I am recognising it. Fully celebrating and appreciating these days. It's all well and good making plans for the future but not if its to the detriment of the now. 

More cause for summer celebration. Carys taught herself to burp on demand during week one. Week two, both Joseph and Carys perfected the art of finger clicking. Carys's style is questionable but gets good results so who am I to argue. Then came the whistling. We're at week four, they are perfecting and refining their new found talents. It's not in the slightest bit annoying. 


If you leave breakfast late enough, you can actually get away with two meals a day. BRUNCH is for winners! 

Willy WINKY might scare the shit out of your kids but your summer nights will not be ruined with kids chiming 'it's still light outside, I don't have to  go to sleep'. It's a win win. Tired kids are impossible to like. You'll like them during the day and at night. And they'll be happy too... the benefits are endless.

Say YES more. It's the holidays, let them have a coke from time to time. Quiet life, happy kid. 

Find your TRIBE. Get out with friends. Going anywhere with friends is a million times easier than going it alone. Set up camp at the beach and let the urchins entertain each other. 

IGNORE the whining. Better still nip it early 'I can't understand you when you speak that way. Come back to me when you're ready to speak like a person.' 

Say YES to going to the park AFTER supper.

Posing with the bodyboard is much easier than the bodyboarding. 

Happiness is losing your first tooth.

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