We are house hunting. 

Although we are only just starting with viewings, we have been house hunting for quite a while via the powers of the three w's. Since before we left Switzerland, we've been trawling through estate agent websites, Zoopla, Prime Location et al. Rightmove and I? Oh yeah, best friends. The sort of 'best friend' that delights in reminding you how poor you are. 

Anyways, we've been getting an idea of the market prices, schools, areas with a reasonable journey time for Alex to get to... and more importantly, home from work! We've pinholed a few areas and have been out at viewings. Let me tell you this... house viewing with three small children is a challenge. Let me tell you this... 'you don't even have a garden to worry about' is a very creative way to tell the buyer 'this house would be perfect if only it had a garden.' Let me tell you this... you cannot and will not convince me that a second reception room on the ground floor magically turns your three bed house a four bed house. Let me tell you this... photographing a teeny tiny room from atop a step ladder doesn't fool anybody. Let me tell you this... taking my shoes off and tiptoeing around some of these houses has made my socks beg for mercy. Two words... vacuum cleaner! A few more... mop and bucket

In short... it hasn't taken long for the house hunting game to become totally and utterly and completely and wholly unfun*. Second guessing floor plans with not so clever photography tricks to get to the house and see the grim reality. I'm over it.

So what am I to do? I get pinning. If we can't find the house, I'll find the dreams until we get there. My pinterest page is rich with dreamy dreams. They may seem unrealistic for most of us but we can cleverly pick out ideas and apply them to the most modest of spaces. Here are a few kitcheny* images that I'm dreaming of applying to wherever we may find. 

Two tone kitchen via Decor Pad
Cream & Black Kitchen via Remodelista
Pantry Door via Decor Pad
to lead into something like...
Walk In Pantry via Decor Pad
Oh joy in my heart... I'm all over this pantry
ps. we do have an abode that may come to nothing but I have mentally applied my pins and have the dream.

*unfun; kitcheny - Don't worry, I know.

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Justice Archive said...

I've had a "house made home" board for a while. Recently I made the move to split it out into a number of boards. I am dying to nest but know I won't for a few years so until then...praise the lawd for pinterest.