You know when you sit down to do something online and get lost in world wide web wonder... yeah, that. You know.

So today I am having little waves of mild panic for tomorrow is husbands birthday. I'm all a tap-tap-tap online knowing full well that nothing I order will arrive on time. As I wander around t'interweb, I'm planning my mission. A way to save the day. Operation great escape the second he walks in the door. I will of course hollar 'PIZZA'S IN THE OVEN' as I grab my keys and leg it out the door. Still deciding what direction to take once I get there but give me time... it's a plan in the making.

Elephants. What does this have to do with elephants?

This. This is where my clicking led me and stopped me dead in my taps. I just can't get beyond this image. I love it. I'm sort of surprised at my own self. I like animals in a very average way but I'm certainly not at all a gushy animal lover sort. But this, well this just grabbed a little bit of my heart.

Baby Elephant :: The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
I have promised myself that one fine and happy day, when we get ourselves all moved to our new house... yes that house, the one we have yet to find and yet to purchase, I am going to buy this picture and this one and  maybe this one probably this one too! I will quite likely struggle not to buy this one too.
... back to The Great Escape mission planning I go. Happy weekend!

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