It was all ok until I opened the front door...

Stuck behind a bus.
Fielding questions from a 3yr old.
'Why is that a bus?
Late to ballet.
Forgot the cheque for ballet.
Feel like a wally explaining my error to 'Miss Erica'.
Ballet went well.
Late to pre-school.
Forgot a discount coupon for fuel so called home to get it.
Got a bit (a lot) lost.
Petrol light on.
Still raining. 
Narrow roads, wide car. 
Google mapped directions.
Parked as close as I could. Not close enough. 
Still raining. 
My feet are already wet. 
Carys is asleep.
Pram up. 
Darcy clicked on in carseat.
Carys on buggy board. Crying. 
Route around supermarket lacked logic. 
Fielding questions from a 2yr old. 
'what's that? Can I have one of those? I love Marmite. Buy that mummy. I have one of those. What's that noise? Why is that boy crying? There's a lift. Great Grandma! Mummy, there's Great Grandma!
'Its not Carys, please stop yelling'
'YES. IT. IS.'  
Still raining.
Back to car.
No sign of coupon.
Running late.
Need petrol. 
Stop for £12.51 of diesel. No time to pump any more.
Stuck behind a Halfords lorry.
Got to school on time. Just.
Joseph is wearing track suit bottoms. 
Joseph does not own track suit bottoms. 
Back to the car. 
Fielding questions from a 3yr old.
'who's are these blue trousers? Why are my hands cold? Why is it raining? What's weather? Mummy? I want you. Can I sit on your knee?
Got home. 
Still raining.
See wet coupon on the driveway. 
Darcy hungry. Crying. 
Got everything in.
Got everyone in. 
'I need a wee! I need a wee!' 
Joseph wee'd on me. 
Darcy still hungry. Still crying. 
Joseph crying.
Jeans off. 
Mystery track suit bottoms off.
Dark wash in. 
Joseph only wants to wear his 'jeans with holes'... to bad they're in the wash. 
Meltdown. Joseph, not me.
Snack request. Beans.
Two bowls of beans served. 
'I need a wee! I need a wee!' 
He made it. Just.
Remembered Darcy's jabs are at 4:10. 
It's 4:00.
Call surgery to apologise and reschedule. 
Appointment was yesterday.
Darcy still hungry. Still crying. 
'I need a wee! I need a wee!' 
Made it again. Bladder infection? 
Feed Darcy (during which... fielding the never ending supply of toddler questions | replying to emails | checking 'notifications' | playing referee to toddler squabbles | type this.) 
I still need Diesel. 
Alex is out tonight. 
I don't know whether to laugh or cry so I'll do neither and just get on with it.

Remind me 10am next Thursday... Darcy needs her jabs! 

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LFawcett said...

Oh my goodness I myself had to collect a young un a few weeks ago wearing different trousers than he went to nursery in....oh the shame! Also the shame of those god awful trousers! Can't they at least put a pair of M&S ones in really is very reasonable these days lol. x