Another one bites the dust.

This week I have very little to show for my days. Highlight of today, for example, was a trip to the recycling depot. Hurrah, hurrah! Go me!

Alex had Monday off for a Swiss holiday. We walked across to Bursins, the village next to ours, with our neighbours for a Cave Ouvert event. Cave Ouvert are open days hosted by wine producers to promote their product. Typically, I think, you pay an entrance fee or for a single glass of vino and then go for your life, eating and drinking 'til your tipsy little heart is content! Typical form also has some form of entertainment {bouncy castles etc} for children while their parents sup on the free wine!

Trust us to end up at an expensive Cave Ouvert. A sit down do. Nowt free. No entertainment for the wee'uns. Funny. Here's how it looked... oh, I forgot to mention the band. Ah, the band!
At least this pair enjoyed the music! Those little gems on the bottom right are Malakoff's.

The rest of the week has been fairly below average. We decided it was smartest to flog as much of our furniture as possible before we move. Letting things go over the next few months will save a last minute panic so this week I bid farewell to my beast of a dining table and beloved sideboard. I found him at a local Brocante and fell in love. Safe to say, I'm a little devastated about selling him but he was one mighty hunk of a chunk of a thing and, well, I had this thought that, chances are, it wouldn't really work in whatever house we end up in back in Blighty. 

So, he's gone. And gone to a good home at that. A friend bought him and has assured me he'll be loved.

This is the start of it... we're really moving!

Something noteworthy was reading this blog post The Important Thing About Yelling {read it!} that a good friend shared on Facebook. I don't read many of the Facebook shares that come up in my feed but I knew this wouldn't be nonsense. It got me thinking a lot about myself. Rather it made me think about myself in a way I've been trying to avoid. I have, in recent weeks, months even, become a bit of a yeller. As my bump has gotten bigger and my ability {and desire} to jump to my feet to stop naughty toddler antics has gotten weaker, guldering, as we say in Northern Ireland, was an easy option. Carys in particular has very selective hearing and it seems that only when I shout does she stop and take notice. Sometimes not even then. Joseph gets consequences and blatent bribery so he stops and takes notice sans yelling. Today, I stopped myself yelling. My body is exhausted and my bump is sore but my mind and conscience are feeling clear.

In other 'news'...

▲ I was quite tickled to get one of these ▲

 ▲ Listened to a lot of this ▲

▲ And... learned what a 'bwoken scarecrow' looks like. And now you know. ▲

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