It's just me and my Trott Tots this week. Alex is in London sitting an exam. Yesterday this song got in my head and I was singing it and being a bit silly. Joseph and Carys loved it, chiming in with 'you two' when they could.

Growing up, it was something we used to sing a lot. Usually while I was setting the table and mum was cooking. I say 'we', I mean my mum and I (my brother was much of a musical number kind of kid!). It was just the three of us  when I was growing up and I likened us to the Potts family, y'know without the haphazard inventions.

I have been looking at Carys lately and wondering what she thinks and how much she understands. What will she remember of this time. My dad died a month before my second birthday and I have no memories of him at all. My brother had just turned five and has some memories but is unsure how much of them are exaggerated versions of reality and mixed up with stories he has been told. My mum was great and kept my dad alive in our minds. If we did something that reminded her of him, she'd say so. If we did something funny she'd tell us how he'd have loved it. It tickled her that we had some of his mannerisms without seeing him to copy them.

My aunt told me that she was looking after me one day, it was about a year after he died. She was wearing one of my his old cardigans and I said quite simply and matter of fact 'that's my daddy's'. It warms me to think that I did have memories of him back then. I didn't just forget him. His face just faded from my mind over the years.

I shall continue to embrace the sentiments of this tune until tomorrow when Alex gets back to us and be thankful that they are not my true reality. Looking forward to having him home and all to ourselves again!

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