So the joy of pregnancy took a little dip when Alex and I had a shopping day in Kent last month. Obviously, I'm not really in the market for party dresses or skinny jeans these days but there I was in Ted Baker. Dreaming. My thought process was as follows...

  • but I wont be pregnant forever
  • I'll be back in shape by the end of the summer {well, that's the plan!}
  • but I'll be breastfeeding... look for something with 'easy access'
  • maybe a jacket
  • or a cardigan
  • clothes don't have a sell by date... they don't go off
  • well they do, when you think of it... fashions have seasons
  • you've never cared about that, you're your own person
  • you can wear it next year
  • but I might be pregnant again {four Trott Tots?!}
  • you might not be... you need to see how you go with three babies
  • oh, those shorts are gorgeous
  • you don't have the legs for those
  • true
  • Alex will think you're daft
  • he always thinks I'm daft
  • they'll have great stuff next year too
  • isn't it better to save for the move home than having unworn clothes looking at you
  • but they'd be MY unworn clothes
And so it continued until I was too brain tired to keep looking. Everything in there was utterly gorgeous. Maybe I'll look at the online sales in the summer!

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