Just had me some great gift giving success! Don't you love when you get it right. To get someone a treat that they really weren't expecting. I do.

I'm a big fan of Not On The High Street {dot} com. Especially for the range of personalised gifts that they have on offer. My latest love is for Letterfest's Bespoke House Pencil Sketch. My recipient loved it so much that she's going to buy one for her parents so I'd say that was a pretty sure sign of success.

Bespoke House Pencil Sketch by Letterfest
Et voila! I sent a photograph, they sent the sketch!
I can also vouch for the Personalised Scrabble Art by Copperdot. I got a couple for my nephews Theo and Cosmo. Each one had their names interlinked with scrabble tiles. Their date of birth was written at the bottom in a nice fancy script style font. They are gorgeous. It'll be a go to for future babies in my life. I probably should get them for my own tots.

Also love these Personalised Rubber Address Stamps by English Stamp. I tell ya, when we finally get settled in a permanent home, I'll treat myself to one of these.

Joseph was given one of these gorgeous Personalised Aprons by 3 Blonde Bears from his little chums Ella, Dom and Seb. Thanks Lisa! The quality is great and he loves the pocket {you can get a lot of HappyLand people in that pocket!} and the diggers print is right up his street!


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