Here I go, setting sail with Lily and Mitch. A blog. A bloody blog. Who do I think I am? It seems like the most unbearably self indulgent thing I have EVER done. Bear in mind that I am the girl who once said 'why would anyone think their life is interesting enough to expect other people to read about it' about the world of Facebook.

I set this space up months ago and have since come up with excuse after excuse to put off getting started. I have topics and posts written in my head but just keep on... well, not blogging. I thought my first post has be dynamic. It must be topical. It must be current. Grab the reader. Lord knows why. I don't know who I think will be reading it. First and foremost, starting a blog is for me and my family. A diary of us. Our lives and our life together. Not particularly dynamic, topical or current but I do hope there are some souls out there who if and when they do stumble across these pages like them enough to revisit another day. Yes, that would be nice.

So an official declaration is called for, I think. A moments attention ladies and gents, if you please. I name this blog Lily and Mitch, may God bless her and all who sail in her.

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mamaktbug said...

you are wonderful. truly. can't wait for more. x